About us

Integrated Solutions FZC was established in 2003 incorporated in Ajman Free Zone as Free Zone Establishment. We are a Turnkey solutions provider to major Integration Centers, Universities, Pertroleum Sector and Healthcare among other vital sectors. Our office is located in the Ajman Freezone with extensive expertise in implementing turnkey projects using advanced LED light technology, state of the art automation solutions that enable massive savings in Time, cost and resources for our valued customers.

Sustainable Energy Management

The need of today is to ensure sustainable development while preserving the environment, and to achieve a perfect balance between economic and social development.


Integrated Solutions Ajman FZC seek to help the enterprises in the United Arab Emirates to align with the UAE government's vision to embrace a sustainable and prosperous future for itself. Sustainable Energy Management is the key strategic framework that will protect the environment while building its futuristic infrastructure. The core principles that this strategy contain are as follows:

  • Transparency into Energy consumption
  • Make informed retrofit and energy saving changes.
  • Identify and shift peak energy demand.
  • Automate demand response strategies using AI.
  • Integrate BMS with AI based control over the HVAC demands